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Churches Aren’t Avoiding Death By Keeping Doors Closed. They’re Ensuring It

Source: Churches Aren’t Avoiding Death By Keeping Doors Closed. They’re Ensuring It

This is the drum I have been beating ever since this COVID nonsense shut the doors of my church. We preach “have no fear” yet we cower in fear as if we really do not believe what we preach. Over 365 times the Bible encourages us not to fear, once for every day of the year. Do we not trust God to protect us from unseen dangers? Do we fear man more than God? I am ashamed that my church has succumbed to fear of sickness, death, and fear of man. I fully agree with the message in this article. Enough is enough!


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Memorial | Ernie’s Musings

Source: Memorial | Ernie’s Musings

I posted this last year (2019). It still applies.


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Without Wax

via Without Wax

Originally posted on March 3, 2013. I came up dry this week, so I decided to bring this one back out of the archives. Enjoy!

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March 8, 2020 · 12:59

Deep in the Black Heart of Texas

via Deep in the Black Heart of Texas

I am a proud Texas native. I have lived in and loved Texas for most of my 70 years, so I intensely dislike what you have to say. However, I know it’s true and it makes me very sad. That said, this should not come as a surprise to any one of us who wait, and watch in hope of His soon return.

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November 8, 2019 · 09:26


via Pentecost

I first published this on May 28, 2017. Today, June 9, 2019, is Pentecost, but the teaching still applies. As I repost this, I wonder, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jesus came to take us home today? That is still our “blessed hope”!

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June 9, 2019 · 10:00