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If the choice is between suspending the rules of decency or accepting that we are in uncharted waters and conscience must light the way, I choose Ted.

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To all my Trump loving friends that are mad at Ted Cruz for not saying “I endorse Donald Trump”:

I’m confused. I listened to Cruz’s speech last night, and didn’t hear anything I hadn’t heard before — all true, by the way, and it wasn’t “ugly.” I’ll admit he didn’t put on the pompoms for Trump, but he didn’t exactly bash him either. He encouraged everyone – in the Republican audience – to look down the ballot and “vote your conscience.” What is wrong with that? Are Republicans now like Democrats that will vote for their brand even when there is blood on their hands? In a Republican audience, I believe that “voting your conscience” means voting Republican. Or, did I miss something there?

During the campaign, Trump verbally assaulted “Lying Ted” because he (Trump) had nothing of substance to bring to the table – and still doesn’t from my perspective. After all the ad hominem attacks on Cruz by Trump, why should he accept the offer to speak at the RNC? Many other “losers” simply refused the invitation. The fact that Ted bothered to speak at all to me is a show of endorsement.

And for you that are questioning Ted’s Christianity, be careful. It is not your place to judge a man’s heart or his motives. I will vote for Trump only because the alternative is unthinkable, but I am under no delusions that Trump will be the “savior” that you’re looking for.

Those who still have the brain God gave you should read this article and rethink your assessment of Ted Cruz: I Choose Ted | National Review


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  1. Kelly

    Both your comments and the National Revue “I Choose Ted” op-ed resonated with my thoughts and observations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Ernie,
    Just a couple of thoughts…
    First, I like Trump from a spiritual standpoint, not because he’ll be some sort of “savior” for America, but because he’ll be a “thorn” in the flesh of the global elite who are desperately pushing their antichrist agenda to set up a world governance. Their worship of Lucifer is well-documented … and “they” include both Republicans and Democrats.
    Secondly, before knowing anything about Ted Cruz, his “Green Eggs & Ham” speech coupled with his “walk-out” where he proclaimed “If you don’t stand with Israel, then I don’t stand with you!” struck me as grandstanding in order to position himself as a possible candidate for the Presidency. At the time, I couldn’t imagine anyone supporting him. Although I believe Ted to be a truly born-again Christian (which he may not be), Christianity in and of itself does not a President make. And a number of “bad” Presidents, politically speaking, have flown into the Office on the wings of fundamentalist Christian votes, even while they maintain their dedicated membership with the Bohemian Grove (an organization which secretly worships Molech)!
    Finally, spiritually speaking, if Trump gets the Presidency, I’m going to view it as a sort of “restraining” action on the Lord’s part in order to give His people a little more time to spiritually prepare for what is inevitably “coming down the pipe”. In my opinion, Cruz would not have “restrained” anything … at very best, he would have maintained the status quo … which is a very destructive “modus operandi” at the moment.
    God Bless You, Ernie … I deeply respect you in the love of the Lord!

    • Hi Tim,
      Thank you for sharing your perspective. I really appreciate your thoughts and insights.

      While I will be voting for Trump, largely because I have no other choice and the alternative is unthinkable, I really have no expectations that Trump will be all that his fanbase thinks he will be. As for being a thorn in the side of the globalists, I have my doubts. Trump has a record of “wheeling and dealing” with the global elite and the pretext that his actions were necessary to advance his business rings a little hollow to me. Imagine the wheeling and dealing he can do from the White House!

      I also think you’re wrong about Cruz. Neither you nor I can look into a man’s mind and heart to judge his motives. All we can do look at their actions and judge whether their actions are right or wrong. Whether right or wrong, we cannot judge the intent of the heart. But if a man is consistent in what he says and does, we can gain some insight into his character, and we can predict what he might do in the future. Of course, we cannot do that with 100% accuracy; people do change, or they may have a laps in judgment, but you can pretty much tell which way a man will go by examining his past. I have watched Ted Cruz closely since he ran for the US Senate in Texas. What I have observed tells me he is a man of integrity. If he says he is going to do something, he does what he says. His “grandstanding” you referred to was in keeping a promise he made to Texans to defeat Obamacare. He is disliked by many of the establishment Republicans precisely because he fights for the conservative principles upon which he ran for the office. Ted Cruz has always maintained that he supports Israel, so his walking out on a crowd that is anti-Israel is very much in keeping with what he believes. That’s not grandstanding.

      Whether Trump will have a “restraining” effect to delay God’s judgement on our nation remains to be seen. I hope you are right about that, but he has to get elected first. I’m sure “Crooked Hillary” and the Democrats have ways to steal the election, if they can. Even if they don’t, I see Trump and Hillary as two sides of the same coin. I could be wrong. Whatever happens, God is in control, and I’m glad for that.

  3. James J. S. Johnson

    Obviously we all need to ask God for mercy on America — we are a sinful people and we do not deserve God’s blessing. And, regarding Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, I know exactly what they are like — just kidding! — I am at the mercy of the media’s screening (and spinning) of news on both of them, so I can only make educated guesses based upon info available to me from time to time. (And I don’t have my own private server or access to classified information, deleted or otherwise.) May God have mercy on America, and restrain its monstrous sins, so that we may continue to give God’s truth out, as opportunities allow, so that those with ears to hear may hear. The only extra idea I’ll toss into the discussion is that human government was instituted after the Flood (see Genesis chapter 9), and its first mandate was to kill killers. So I would expect a proper government to take decisive action against terrorists who kill (and all other murderers).