The Trump Sounds

Trump Sounds

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.  (Matthew 7:20)

Regardless of what you may think of him, Donald Trump is a phenomenon. Here is a man who has been self-serving all of his life, and now, over night, he has become the champion of conservative values. He is willing to sacrifice himself to the service and benefit of the nation. What is probably more amazing is how he has managed to convince around 40% of Republicans (I hesitate to say “conservatives”) that he alone can save the nation from its inevitable demise. Trump claims that “he” will build a wall along the southern border and get Mexico to pay for it. “He” will round up all the illegal aliens and deport them all. All how many million? Trump claims that “he” will make American companies return manufacturing plants back to the US, or else. Trump claims that “he” will get rid of Obama Care and replace it with something (?) much, much greater. Trump claims that “he” will convince Muslim nations to destroy ISIS. Trump makes many claims that sound really good, but does not divulge how he plans to accomplish it all. It will all happen simply because he, “The Donald” is the great negotiator that knows how to make things happen and get things done. Trump will “make America great again” because he knows how to do it.

Trump has tapped into the anger that conservative Americans have against the Government, but especially with the Republican establishment that made promises to make big changes when elected, but have only proven feckless in their promises. Americans demand a secure border. Trump says he will do it. Americans want to get back to work. Trump says he will do it. Americans want the national debt reduced. Trump says he will do that. Americans want the economy to grow. Trump says he will do it. Americans fear Islamic terrorism. Trump says he will stop the Muslim hordes. Everything Americans want, Trump will do it. No need to worry, Trump has the plan. What that plan is, is anybody’s guess, but somehow he has convinced the masses. Trump is all things to all people.

More astounding is the apparent attraction Trump has fostered among evangelicals. Evangelical notables like Dallas First Baptist Church pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress[1], and Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell, Jr.[2] have jumped on the Trump bandwagon in full support of the Republican candidate endorsing him as a strong Christian. Seriously? Two high-profile, supposedly wise and discerning, Christian leaders have evaluated Trump’s character and concluded that he is a strong Christian! I wonder where they got their sources? At, John Hawkins offers “40 Reasons Not to Vote for Trump.”[3] On the list are some things that should concern Christians, like fraud investigations over Trump University, alleged ties to the mob, profits from gambling and strip clubs, cheating on his wife, and he is a chronic womanizer and misogynist. Not on the list was his statement that he has never done anything over which he needed to ask forgiveness of God. I am sure that both of our high-profile evangelical Trump supporters preach that “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23), so how do they reconcile Trump’s claim to be a Christian with his claim that he has no need of God’s forgiveness? Trump at one time claimed to be pro-choice, even supporting partial-birth abortion, but says he has “evolved” and is now pro-life.[4] Considering his past and his current “Christian” condition should make one wonder if his “evolution” results from a change in environment – businessman to politician – and his need to pander for the evangelical vote.

I do not trust Donald Trump. Trump is a chronic narcissist, probably worse than the current White House resident. Notice how he strikes back whenever he perceives a personal attack. A “personal attack” can be any criticism of Trump’s past because they expose his character flaws. Trump doesn’t like that. In response, instead of defending his actions (because he can’t) he resorts to ad homonym attacks – Cruz is a liar, Cruz is nasty, nobody likes him; Rubio repeats himself; he sweats, he has big ears, etc. He, being the older and supposedly more mature of the top three contenders, behaves more like an immature adolescent than a serious, mature contender for the presidency of the United States. Why would honorable, high-profile, Christian, evangelical leaders, like Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell, Jr. endorse such a man for President of the United States!

The Trump sounds! He is all mouth and no substance. He is a self-centered narcissist whose only interest is in winning the best deal for Trump, and he will say anything and do anything to gain his prize. He does not care about the country; he is only interested in himself. Listen carefully when the Trump sounds. Everything he promises, “he” will accomplish. “His” money purchases favors on both sides of the political fence. The “deal,” not the “principle,” is what matters to Trump, which means he will do whatever it takes to win the deal. A man like that cannot be trusted.

Jeffress, Falwell and many other evangelicals got snookered! Perhaps they should have done their homework and read what Max Lucado had to say about having decency in the White House,[5] or how Russell Moore compares Donald Trump to the golden calf.[6]

In the 2012 Republican Convention, Clint Eastwood compared Barack Obama to an empty chair. The only difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump is all white. Two empty suits – one is a Democrat, the other is a Democrat disguised as a Republican (a wolf in sheep’s clothing).

Last week I had a dream that Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. When I awoke, I sensed God telling me that our nation was getting what we deserved – the Trump sounds.



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15 responses to “The Trump Sounds

  1. You covered all the bases, Ernie. We’ve sounded the alarm. Now we must be diligent to pray. Pray that eyes will be opened to see Jesus, cries of repentance will allow the Holy Spirit to circumcise every heart, and our people will return to the Lord God Almighty so He can hear our cries and heal our land. But, Lord, not my will but Your will be done!

  2. Phil Slate

    We voted by mail, so my vote is in and I don’€™t mind telling you that I voted for Ted Cruz. I hope and pray that Trump attempts at proving that Cruz in ineligible falls flat on its face.

    However having said that, I will vote for Trump or any other Republican before allowing Gravel Gritty to get into the White House.

    Phil Slate

    • Thanks, Phil. I voted for Cruz too. He is the only true conservative in the bunch and, unlike Trump, there is no question about his Christianity. However, if Trump ends up being the Republican nominee, I will vote for him.

  3. Just a thought:
    There are some moderate Democrats that are leaning towards an “independent” candidate. They, too, like what Trump has to say because he is the closest to an “independent” that the nation has ever had (which can actually win an election). He can “pull” some conservative-minded Democrats his direction in a general election. Rubio can not … neither can Cruz. At the end of the day, Trump is the best bet to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. So, if it came right down to it, would Christians rather have a Clinton or a Trump as President?

    • Pragmatism (or emotion) should never be a basis for casting a vote. In all earnestness, I see little difference between Clinton, Sanders or Trump. Clinton pretends to be a “progressive” (whatever that means), and Trump pretends to be a conservative. Sanders makes no bones about his being a socialist. In the end, all three are liberals. Trump is the least of the evils, and if comes down to it, I will vote for him, but not gladly.

      • First of all, sorry for the lengthy reply … I’m just trying to clarify my thoughts.

        I agree with you on all of your points. However, I’m not being pragmatic or emotional. My confidence lies squarely in the Lord who is ultimately going to place His choice in the White House. My only point is if Christians vote for a “Christian” based solely on their “Christianity”, on a broad perspective it may not turn out to be in their best interest overall. God raised up Pharaoh to torment the Israelites before their dramatic deliverance. He also gave the Israelites, who had come out of Egypt, their chosen “King” Saul because they wanted someone like themselves to rule over them … and we all know how that turned out. Also, name me a Republican President who was voted in by the Christian Bloc who actually was a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian. Both President Bushes claimed to be Christian, but they were actually Bonesmen at Yale and never repented of their involvement or influence in that secret society … something a true born-again Christian would do (i.e. acknowledge, repent and expose). Plus, they gave us that wonderful war in Iraq and destabilized the Middle East from that point on. If Ronald Reagan was a born-again Christian, he was a very nominal one. President Kennedy, who was a Catholic and one of the most immoral Presidents that we’ve ever had, rescued America from nuclear disaster during the Cuban Missile Crisis (and he was a Democrat). President Carter was the only, I believe, truly born-again Christian (of course, only God knows) and he openly proclaimed that fact using Christian terminology. He did manage to achieve a short-lived peace agreement between Arafat and Israel with the Camp David Accord. Other than that, history remembers him as a rather weak President. So, I’m not being pragmatic, I’ve just observed Christians’ involvement in politics over the last 50 years and have not seen any direct correlation between their Christian, obligatory voting and any practical Christian-based outcomes once “their” President was elected.

        God Bless You and May God Have Mercy On His People. Amen!

      • I really do appreciate your input, and I did not mean to imply that you in particular were being pragmatic or emotional, but generally that seems to be the trend. Nor am I suggesting that voting for someone like Cruz just because he seems to be a strong Christian is particularly wise either. However, Chief Justice John Jay did advise that Christians should prefer Christians as their leaders. Even so, we should be discerning in that choice. But Trump is neither a good Christian, nor is he proven to have the substance, the moral integrity, to hold the highest office in the nation. We shouldn’t elect him simply because we believe that he is the only one that can beat Clinton. If we do, we may find ourselves with something worse.

  4. Earl

    People are attracted to Trump because they reject the Republican Party. I for one loath the Republican Party and I’ve always voted Republican. They are either incompetent or complicit. Duplicitous in every way. They have aided and abetted Obama. It’s a pity that men like Cruz and Rubio are found guilty by association. Cruz has alienated himself from his DC peers by his “correct” behavior fighting the Republican establishment. But still he is viewed as a republican insider.

    Supporters know Trump is a phony, egotistical, narcissistic buffoon. Most evangelicals know he is not Christian. The “2” Corinthians comment gave everyone a laugh.

    So then what is his appeal?
    Five words answer that question.
    HE AIN’T ONE OF THEM. Them being Establishment Republicans.

    George Bush knew the language of the Evangelical. As a member of the Apostate United Methodist Church he learned the catch phases of the Evangelical believer and campaigned as one of “us”. He never was and Laura and daughters were certainly not. They must have had to bite their tongues when Bush said he was fighting for the unborn.

    Everything you say about Trump is correct. If he wins in November he will likely be a terrible president at least in the eyes of conservatives. Especially evangelicals. He will abandon both the conservatives and evangelicals he courted.

    If Trump cheated on his wives, why would we trust him to not cheat on us?

    Therefore what are we to do?
    One word. Pray.

    Remember America does not have a political problem. Nor and economic problem. It has a spiritual problem and JESUS is the answer to that problem.


  5. I just finished a similar post. It looks like you have done more research then mine. I am praying people will get the warnings about trump. He certainly has a desire for greatness. Maybe we could compare him to king Herod. He did some great things but it was all for self recognition.

  6. James J. S. Johnson

    Romans 13:1 is a truth I happily take refuge in! If America goes bankrupt (due to international trade imbalances and interrelated fiscal insanities), its Christian ministries (and, in time, Christian families) will be economically shipwrecked, so maybe God has raised up Donald Trump (like Cyrus of Persia) to salvage and to steer the American economy away from otherwise fatal reefs, as a matter of economic survival that preserves our religious liberty one more generation longer. It is obvious — to me, at least — that the compromised, spineless, wimpy, little-guy-crushing “establishment” that calls itself the “Republican Party” is overdue a major boat-rocking.